Practising Awareness through Gestalt group sessions

In these groups the participants are called to practise their awareness in here and now through games and different kind of exercises among the group members. After this part, everyone seat together to share their experience and there the therapist helps to deepen in the awareness taken and creates experiments to expand it. The therapist might be working with one or more participants at a time. This group gestalt sessions can be general or with more specific themes announced per time.

Interactive Gestalt Group Therapy

This form of gestalt group has been created from Bud Feder. In this kind of group there are very specific rules.The participants are called to stay present with their experience in here and now with the other members and share it with the group and even make personalized comments to reveil how they perceive each other in the moment. The participants are not allowed to talk for past of future issues or informations or worries and so on.The point of this group is to work purely on realising the interruptions in the circle of the experience that each person is doing. The lack of further stories facilitates the clear realization of how people really relate with each other and what issues come in the surface for them while they relate.