Female Empowerment


Women Empowerment Training

by Maira Kountanni, Gestalt therapist, activist, and feminist

Experiential training in 5 meetings, starting

Saturday 23 of February 19.00-21.30


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We work on and explore:
-being a woman
-female & male energy
-awareness here&now
-body exploration & movement

Our gestalt tools:
-awareness in here&now
-embodied presence
-active listening
-talking in circle
-no interpretation
-dialogue with oneself and others
-acceptance of what is
-art therapy

Suitable for women
-of any age, shape, and size
-who want to know& accept themselves more
-who want to strengthen their female side
-who want to feel empowered as women
-who want to build solidarity with other women
-who want to explore their femininity

What do you gain:
-embodied presence in your female body
-being empowered from connection and collaboration
-the power to be fully yourself
-effective ways to express and explore yourself
-the right to be a woman as you want
-balance female and male energy inside you
-practical knowledge to apply on your body
-transform your shame and guilt into power

1st meeting 23/2 : I am a woman
-What does it mean to be a woman to me
- What supports me on that
- How does it feel to me to be a woman in patriarchy
- How do i need to be supported & where can i find support

2nd meeting 02/0: My body is my body
-How do i relate with my body
-What is my body to me
-Do i accept or judge my body?
- Body self-care

3rd meeting 09/3: I am a woman in patriarchy
-Boundaries, self-respect, self-value in here & now
-How to i broaden my boundaries & self-value
-Free movement

4rd meeting: My body as a source of happiness & pleasure
-My body is my choice
-Liberating biology-basic knowledges
-How do i access my body from sensuality, sexuality & pleasure

5th meeting 20/04 : Psyco-emotional empowerment & balance
-How do i empower myself & other women under patriarchy
-What do i need to feel stronger in here & now
-Balance female & male energy inside me: healing patriarchy from inside

*Every meeting starts and ends with sharing awareness circle*

Why this training?
Being a woman in a hiddenly or not patriarchal society is a difficult condition. We learn from an early age so many things that being a woman should mean, that it is a struggle to be ourselves, and be able to respect and support us.

About me: During my university studies, I realized that being an activist was essential since I wanted to live in a world with peace, justice, and equality.
In gestalt therapy, I found the best tool for self-transformation, and I stayed committed in my social change vision, so I created the combination: gestalt and social change training.
I am teaching the combination of emotional and socio-political combination the last two years, and I really enjoy the transformative, meaningful results.
Last year I was trained under the Gestalt Institute of Barcelona in 'Women sexuality and healing patriarchy' and I had no idea that I was so deeply affected by patriarchy as a woman and a human being.
So, I decided to transmit my knowledge to all of you.
Looking forward!!!

where: 4rivers flow, Ano Petralona, Troon 93, near petralona metro station
when: Saturdays 19.00-21.30
cost: 1 session 50e/ 2 sessions 80e/ full training 180e (&vat)
*10% discount for students & unemployed
*10% discount if you take part also in the Gestalt & social change training

* There will be tea & vegan cookies or cake!

Maira Kountanni
WhatsApp & phone : 00306979041472
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
website: http://www.gestalt-awareness.com/en/

*Registrations till 20/2, you book your place by paying your ticket*