Gestalt and Social Change


Gestalt & Social Change Training

In 6 Sunday sessions, starting Sunday 24 of February, 12.00-18.00

This training aims to activate your organism and through you, your environment by exploring experientially crucial topics through the combination of emotional and social-political awareness by applying Gestalt therapy and Gestalt awareness practice.

Tools we use:
*Crucial topics
*Gestalt theory
*Gestalt principles
*Socio-political phenomenology
*Gestalt awareness practice
*Chair work
*Art therapy
*Sharing awareness in the group

what do you gain:
-activate yourself
-awareness in here & now
-emotional & socio-political awareness combined
-experiential understanding of life crucial topics
-where do you stand in life and how to move on
-balance your polarities
-tools to self-organize your life
-being authentic
-how to expand your boundaries towards your environment

13 Crucial Topics that will be explored through theory and mainly personal experience:
*In every session we start with an awareness check-in and we close with an awareness check-out*

1st Sunday 24/02, 12.00-18.000

The socio-political side of Gestalt therapy, and the basics of
Gestalt therapy & Awareness Practice.

12.00 Awareness warm-up
12.20 Circle of presentation & awareness
12.40 Gestalt theory & social change theory combined
13.00 Group awareness warm-up
13.00 We explore experientialy what is social change for each one
13.20 coffee break
13.30 We explore through art expression & Gestalt Awareness Practice how each of us want to see social change internally & externally in the world.
Through this we learn the basics of Gestalt Awareness Practice, a special part of Gestalt therapy that facilitates our self-organization in every day life!
14.20 Group sharing about our experience and awareness
14.40 Lunch-Coffee break
15.10 Circle of awareness
15.25 Body Awareness Warm-up
15.40 We explore through art expression & Gestalt Awareness Practice how each of us want to change him/herself & this world in here & now.
16.30 Coffee break
16.40 Group interaction based on our work so far
17.15 Back to the big circle for awareness sharing & process
17.45 Closure

2nd: Sunday 10/3
-What does power stand for in our world and how does each of us experience it? -What does money stand for in our societies and what relationship does each of us having with it?

3rd: Sunday 17/3
- What is solidarity as a practice on our global planet, and what is our personal experience with it?
- What is trust as a feeling and practice in our everyday lives?

4rth: Sunday 31/3
-How is commitment an experience that we offer and receive in this world?
-How do we experience respect in our everyday life?

5th: Sunday 7/4
-How is freedom a feeling, choice, and state of being for each person?

-What is love towards oneself and others according to each one's experience?

6th: Sunday 21/4
-What is a community according to each person's experience?
- What is self-organization at the personal and group level?

For whom :
Any person that is open into exploring the socio-political side of awareness, together with the emotional.
Anyone open into exploring crucial topics of life, and to self-transformation!

About me:

During my university studies, I realized that being an activist was essential since I wanted to live in a world with peace, justice, and equality. In gestalt therapy, I found the best tool for self-transformation, and I stayed committed in my social change vision, so I created the combination: gestalt and social change training.
I am teaching the combination of emotional and socio-political combination the last two years, and I really enjoy the transformative, meaningful results to myself and others.

More about me & my studies at my website

Cost 45e for 1 session, 80e for 2 sessions, 230e for the whole training! (& vat)
* 10% discount for students& unempoyed
*10% discount to the women who will take part at the 'Women Empowerment Training'
*there will be a break for lunch & coffee 30'!
*bring your own food or ask me for a vegan homemade snack at 4euros!
*there is free coffee & tea

Maira Kountanni
WhatsApp & phone : 00306979041472
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
website: http://www.gestalt-awareness.com/en/

*Registrations till 20/2, you book your place by paying your ticket*